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At Preferred Dental Laboratory, we are committed to helping dentists achieve their clinical goals in restoring smiles one patient at a time.

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      ASTRA TECH™ is designed to work with natural processes and bone structure. The BioManagement Complex ensures predictable and esthetic results, and features the OsseoSpeed™ implant and MicroThread™ neck.


This system supports the natural healing process and preserves marginal bone levels.


      Atlantis™ Abutments for optimized patient specified solutions, Preferred Dental Laboratory is here to help simplify your implant restoration process.  Don't bother with parts and pieces, just take an implant-level impression and send it to us and we'll take care of the rest.  In return you will receive an abutment that is uniquely designed from the final tooth shape for optimal function and esthetics.


Atlantis™ abutments are available for all major implant systems in the materials you want and in cement-retained and single tooth screw retained zirconia options.


      BIOMET 3i™ When your patients need options for their implant cases, Preferred Dental Laboratory has the selection and flexibility you need.


We offer the complete family of implant systems from BIOMET 3i™, including NanoTite™ implants, Navigator™ System, and the OSSEOTITE™ System.


      NOBEL BIOCARE™ Offers a state-of-the-art family of implant solutions for your patients.


From tapered implants to parallel-walled implants, to the NobelGuide™ digital radiographic guide, Preferred Dental has them all. With our expertise and Nobel Biocare™'s technologically-driven products, we have a solution for any implant case.


      The Straumann® Dental Implant System is designed for long-lasting and esthetic tooth replacement solutions, providing user-friendly solutions to improve the standard of patient care.


Designed to support you by providing more treatment options for your patients, building on a history of pioneering innovations in implant dentistry supported by reliable scientific evidence.


  Zimmer® offers one of the most comprehensive dental implant product lines on the market. Known for their unique design, Zimmer®'s implant system looks and feels like natural teeth, and they exhibit sound engineering properties such as strength and enhanced bone apposition.


You can rest assured Zimmer® implants are among the most advanced in the industry and feature designs for any case specification.

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IMPLANTS Implant Abutments
IMPLANTS Implant Abutments


IMPLANTS Implant Abutments Astra Tech™ Atlantis™ Implant Abutments Biomet 3I™ Nobel Biocare™ Straumann® Zimmer®